Modular Buildings Kalgoorlie WA

Next Gen Building Pty Ltd specialise in modular building installation and are the preferred installer for several of the major suppliers of Modular Buildings in the Goldfields region.

Why Modular Buildings?

Modular buildings are becoming increasingly popular due to the cost-effective and extremely fast turnaround that they offer. They are ideal on remote camps and mine sites as offices, administration facilities and crib rooms. The possibilities are endless for modular commercial complexes.

Modular buildings are an ideal solution for infrastructure in remote locations. Construction, transport and installation of these buildings can be completed in a very short time frame and save on the cost of travel and accommodation for tradesmen.

Our extensive experience in installing modular buildings allows for quick and hassle-free installation, on time and on budget. Our team of tradesmen are trained in safe work practices. We also offer complete project management for modular building installation and can organise all aspects of the job from acquisition, transport and landing to complete building fitout.

Modular Buildings in Remote Locations

If you are building a mine site camp in a remote location, it is often difficult and can be costly to transport the materials to site.

The construction of permanent buildings in remote locations is expensive.

As some Mine site camps can only have a relatively short life span, it may not be worth the cost and hassle of constructing permanent buildings.

Modular buildings can be constructed off-site and then transported to your location. This allows you to efficiently install buildings on-site without having to transport materials over long distances or through difficult terrain.

Modular buildings are quick to install, cheaper than conventional building techniques, more durable, and safer for workers.

These portable buildings have been used by mining companies all over Australia since the 1950s, and they're ideal for remote mining camps where quick deployment of temporary facilities is necessary.

Modular buildings can be installed quickly with minimal machinery and labour required. They can be constructed almost anywhere regardless of climate or terrain conditions.

Next Gen Building can travel throughout the Goldfields and Western Australia to install Modular Buildings.

Minesite Accommodation Villages

Increase mine site safety and boost morale by creating a sense of home for your workers.

Make your site more attractive, welcoming, and comfortable for workers.

Modular construction allows for completely customised buildings that fit the needs of your company. They are quick and easy to assemble for transport to remote locations. Save time and money on construction logistics.

Modular Accommodation Villages

Modular building design allows for endless expansions with ease as your work force grows. Increase your operational efficiency with modular buildings.

They can be customised for any size or layout of site. Your Site camp will be constructed in a timely manner at a lower cost.

Modular Accommodation Villages

Next Gen Building can also provide all supporting infrastructure required for accommodation facilities.

Our skilled tradesmen can construct decks, walkways, access steps, patios, cold rooms & smokers huts to complete your modular accommodation village.

Modular Accommodation Villages

Next Gen Building Pty Ltd service a large area surrounding the Goldfields region.

Our team can travel to remote locations to install camps of all sizes and we can organise all aspects to manage a true turn-key project.

Our long-standing relationship with modular building suppliers, cranage and transport companies ensures all projects are able to run smoothly. We can offer innovative solutions to solve any problems that may arise.

We can also aid in the planning of your village and have an extensive knowledge of government and council requirements, disability access and national building standards.

Site Preparation for Modular Building Installation

Site Preparation is a very important part of the Modular Building Installation process.

It's essential to have the site prepared correctly before the modular buildings arrive on your Mine Site.

Next Gen Building Pty Ltd own all of the machinery and resources required to fully prepare building sites, allowing us to complete these works in-house and keep costs competitive. Allow our competent team to manage your project from the ground up and ensure all preparation work is done correctly from the beginning. Not only will this allow the project to start on-time, but compliance will also be a breeze.

In specialised circumstances, due to remote location or time constraints it is better for the Client to do some of the site preparation themselves. We have the knowledge to guide you through this process and ensure you know what you need to do this part of the process correctly. We will discuss with you the most common problems in this stage of the project and how to avoid them or fix them. We will give you all the information about what should be done before any building begins.

Here at Next Gen Building Pty Ltd we have the knowledge about what is required to prepare a site before the construction work can be started.

Each project begins from the ground up and it’s extremely important to ensure proper preparation of your building site and concrete footings.

Sub Trades for Modular Building Installation

Electrical & Data, Plumbing, Air Conditioning, Minor Civils

Cranage Site Civils for Modular Building Install

How Next Gen Building can help with organising Sub-Trades

We have spent many years building up strong relationships with other local Companies of complimentary trades, allowing us to excel at delivering turn-key projects.

Our Project Management and scheduling capabilities ensure minimal down-time and delay, and our connections enable us to offer a high-quality product with reliable tradesmen working on your project every step of the way.

Our Team of qualified Carpenters excel at working alongside tradesmen of other disciplines, and our Project Manager ensures open communication and smooth running of all work sites. The cohesion between all workers involved in a project allows for maximum efficiency.

Plumbing and Electrical for Modular Buildings

Why get Next Gen Building to Oversee your Sub-Trades in the Goldfields?

  • You will save time by limiting the number of sub-contractors you need to deal with

  • We can take care of everything from start to finish

  • We are the one stop shop for all your commercial and mining construction needs

  • Allow us to complete your construction projects on time and on budget by handling the scheduling for you

  • We can handle all of your construction project's needs with just one call

  • From the ground up, we provide everything you will need for your construction project

Our extensive experience in complete project management has given us the knowledge to ensure that no detail is overlooked when it comes to planning large Modular Building projects.

A considerable amount of supporting infrastructure can be required for Modular Building projects and Next Gen Building Pty Ltd can remove the hassle and worry by overseeing these things for you.

Transport & Logistics for Modular Buildings in Western Australia

Next Gen Building Pty Ltd have extensive experience in coordinating
transport and working out logistics for moving materials around the state.

Complete Management of Transport and Logistics

Our long-standing relationship with transport companies allows us to offer complete management of any project which requires transport of buildings and other related infrastructure.

The logistics involved in larger projects such as setting up accommodation villages and administration facilities can be overwhelming, and important details can often be overlooked. Contact us to be involved in your project right from the beginning.

Our extensive experience in managing these projects, including every aspect from planning and scheduling to final installation, allow us to deliver projects on time and budget with very little hassle.

Why Use Next Gen Building for Transport and Logistics of your Modular Buildings

  • Peace of mind knowing someone else has organised the transportation and logistics

  • Avoid relying on an unreliable third party to organise your transport

  • Save time and money by letting us organise the transport of your modular building

  • Get help with delivery logistics in one place

  • Avoid all hassle and stress of organising everything yourself

Modular Homes in Remote Western Australia

Complete modular homes are an ideal solution for residential properties in remote locations.

With a rapidly growing range to choose from in design, layout and finish you can
get a beautiful home in a very short time frame and save on the cost of travel for tradesmen.

Modular Homes across Western Australia

Our extensive experience in installation of modular buildings allows for quick and hassle-free installation, on time and on budget.

Our team of qualified tradesmen strive to provide a high standard of work to deliver the best quality finish available. We also offer complete project management for modular building installation and can organise all aspects of the job including procurement, transport, landing and complexing of the building.

We have strong relationships with all major local suppliers of Modular Homes and can help you out with all aspects of modular home installation from planning through to handover. If sub-trades are required, we can draw upon our connections to ensure all aspects are completed on time.

Benefits of Modular Homes

  • The most cost-effective solution for building in remote locations

  • Lower construction costs with prefabricated buildings and minimal labour costs

  • Fully Customise your home to meet your needs

  • Avoid living under construction for 6 months while your home is constructed

  • Save time and money and still get a beautiful home

  • Save hassle in the planning and preparation of your new home

  • Reduce the environmental impact by lowering building waste